A new paradigm
in the way we train

ONASPORT is the perfect ally to optimise your sporting performance.

Its real-time lactate measurement allows you to optimally plan and execute your workouts, achieving greater muscle efficiency without compromising your cardiovascular health.


ONASPORT comes in a chest strap format for maximum comfort and data collection efficiency.

Double measurement

  • The ONASPORT device collects your heart rate data.

  • Electrochemical sensors, integrated into disposable cartridges, make it easy to channel sweat to measure your lactate and dehydration levels.

Compact central module for maximum convenience


Electronic encapsulation with advanced mechanical and electrical connectivity


  • Measurement of biomarkers through sweat (requires cartridge)

  • Comfortable chest strap format
  • Coin battery
  • One cartridge per training session


  • Compatible with most devices and iOS and Android systems
  • Data management through a cloud platform
  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • App Onalabs


  • Record data
  • Warnings in real time
  • Integrable platform to ease interoperability
  • Historical Data Download

Proven reliability and effectiveness

Our ONASPORT solution has been tested in leading high-performance sports centres (CAR Sant Cugat and INEFC Barcelona).